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Transformation Playbooks

Our Intelligence Platform Driven Approach to Realize Your Digital Strategy

Our playbook helps enterprises to quickly direct their organization towards the things they need to focus on, and provides a consistent approach to measure and manage their progress on the journey towards digital transformation.


Contextualizing Digital

Our framework demystifies digital for the enterprise

It provides a perspective on any industry, company or capability. Using a nested framework, analysis at each layer is performed by our continued engagement in digital transformation. That analysis — a set of quantitative and qualitative questions posed to any company in any industry produces scores of digital readiness — including both general best practices and industry/capability-specific preferences for digital transformation.

Business model approach chart


collective of the interactions between a company and its customers


digital touchpoints through which customers are connecting


created capabilities as they relate to the organization's digital footprint


content management, ecommerce, personalization, analytics, etc


organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, resource allocation and governance


individuals, their skillsets, their willingness to change, and your culture

Scoring Framework

Our methodology ensures consistent, repeatable measurement over time

Our digital experts evaluate companies based on the 6 layers of digital, broken into 67 categories and 333 subcategories with a total of 3,115 classifiers for a holistic assessment.

  • 3,115


  • 333


  • 67


  • 6


Digital Transformation Scoring framework

Digital Readiness Index

Our scoring identifies gaps and opportunities

Our Digital Readiness Index is our proprietary scoring algorithm that gives an enterprise a consistent relative measurement of the strength of their digital capabilities to meet the changing expectations of their customers, align to best practices, and ward off threats of competitors and disruptors.

Digital readiness index chart

« Deficient

Lacks foundational digital capabilities expected by consumers

‹ Lagging

Meets minimum consumer expectations for digital capabilities

‹ Parity ›

Provides digital solutions in place of more traditional experiences

Leading ›

Begins to integrate digital and physical experiences

Best Practice »

Exhibits best-in-class digital capabilities expected by consumers

Our approach includes 3 key steps to help enterprises shift from being reactive in digital to developing true digital transformation strategies that are action oriented.



Understand the Digital Landscape and Consumer Expectations impacting your industry

  • Contextualization of Trends

    Identification of key digital trends impacting your business and driving consumer expectations

  • Identification of Threats

    Highlighting of core competition and disintermediation to your business

  • Persona & Audience Analysis

    Understand your key audiences and what they expect based upon their experiences with yours and other brands

Insights Trends


Measurement of your organization's Digital Readiness based on Best Practices, Competitive Evaluation, and Statistical Analysis

  • Digital Readiness Index

    Our comprehensive assessment and scoring of your current digital capabilities and where they rank within your competitive landscape

  • Company Benchmark Scoring

    Scoring your business to help identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps to shift enterprises from reactive to transformative strategies

  • Gap Analysis & Opportunities

    Identification of specific areas of weakness along with actionable recommendations to improve your digital capabilities

Company Benchmark Scoring screen


Development of your actionable Digital Roadmap

  • Opportunity Prioritization

    Robust prioritization of digital initiatives based upon your business objectives, rough order of magnitude, dependencies, risk, and customer impact

  • Roadmapping

    Construction of actionable Digital Roadmap based upon prioritization, dependencies, budgets, and business impact

  • Opportunity Exploration

    Deep-dive into a specific opportunity for a tactical strategy or take the strategy off of the page with the art of the possible to align with vision

  • Capital Allocation & Resource Planning

    Acquire an integrated view of digital, budget and business objectives to ensure better informed investment allocations

Digital Roadmap screen
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