Centric Digital


Dimensions™ Measures Experiences

Examples of experience standards measured include:

Identify which screen sizes and devices have a suboptimal customer experience and how to fix it.

Identify how to improve your page layout to drive customer engagement and revenue growth.

Drive visitors to your products and services with clear and intuitive navigation and menu.

Keep your digital experiences consistent and competitive with feature comparisons and implementation of best practices.

Make sure your products are available to all users, on all resolutions, across all devices.


Dimensions™ Measures Technology

Examples of technology standards measured include:

Find the platforms that power the world's leading websites at the click of a button.

Know which companies are using which platform versions to drive innovation and sales throughout the organization.

Evaluate and measure the quality of your technical implementation compared to specific best practices.

Uncover errors before your users experience sub-optimal experiences.

Connect to existing performance, behavioral, attitudinal and journey vendors to create to see the whole picture.


Dimensions™ Measures Performance

Examples of performance standards measured include:

Fast and reliable performance across devices directly can make or break a good experience.

Uncover errors before your users experience sub-optimal experiences.

Maintain a safe ecosystem for your customers and site visitors across resolution and platforms.

Keep consistent standards for ADA compliance with the WCAG 2.0 compliance checklist.

Identify and optimize for web optimized images across resolution and device for peak performance across connectivity types.


Dimensions™ Scans Thousands Of The Largest Enterprises Globally

Our platform scans tens of thousands of domains to measure standards and determine best practices including those of enterprises in the S&P 500, the Wilshire 5,000, Alexa 10,000. This includes public and private companies globally.


Dimensions™ Computes Centric Digital Iq Based On Validated Capabilities


Our Data Includes Standards Across Core Digital Capabilities

To assess digital proficiency, we have deconstructed digital into six core layers. These layers are the building blocks of the classification system we use to measure and compare brands, companies and industries.


From Search to Social

Examples of channel categories include live chat, voice, mobile apps, websites, social media and email. Examples of standards measured include: Does live chat bot proactively engaged visitors on key pages? Does mobile app update on a regular basis? Are there skills on Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home?


From Mobile Apps to Web Security

Examples of product categories include shipping options, navigation, contact center preferences, ecommerce features, forms and helpdesk. Examples of standards measured include: Does product page show real time inventory in stores or warehouse Does mobile app have mobile check deposit Does product page show real time inventory in stores or warehouse?


From Analytics To Ecommerce

Examples of technology categories include mobile operating systems (OS), digital analytics, app framework, content management systems (CMS), data resources and server configuration. Examples of standards measured include: Does CRM integrate with email marketing application? For cloud hosting, is Amazon Web Services configured efficiently? Is a tag manager implemented?


From People To Process

Examples of org categories include experience design, product development, strategy & analytics, digital marketing, chief digital officer and data science. Examples of standards measured include: Is there a Chief Digital Officer? Key digital team executives have experience at digital native companies? 2 of top 3 LinkedIn endorsed skills of key digital team executives are digital related?


Centric Digital Iq Score Represents The Strength Of Your Core Digital Capabilities

The Centric Digital IQ Score, analogous to a "FICO Score of Digital", provides a consistent relative measurement of the strength of an enterprise’s ability to meet the changing expectations of their customers, maintain core digital capabilities, and ward off threats of competitors and disruptors.

Excellence Score


Blurs line between physical/digital, human/tech.

1000 900

Leading Score


Beginning to integrate digital & physical experiences.

800 700

Parity Score


Users prefer digital solutions to traditional alternatives.

600 500

Lagging Score


Meeting minimum consumer expectations for digital capabilities.

400 300

Deficient Score


Lacking foundational digital capabilities expected by consumers.

200 100 0