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The team that builds our products can help clients bring their products to life with our lean product development approach.


Take a Business Challenge and Turn it Into a Tested Digital Solution

To succeed in today's disruptive world, your organization needs to take action fast. Transformation Sprints accelerate your transformation with digital solutions that turn strategy into action. Our research-driven, iterative approach ensures we design the right solution for your challenge and get to market quickly.

We work collaboratively, move quickly, iterate often, know your users, measure everything and think holistically.

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Approach that works for you

We can conduct transformation prototypes across every dimension of digital to make sure they succeed in the real world. When your solutions are launched they won't live in a vacuum. Your digital Experiences Channels, Products, Platforms, Processes, and People need to work in harmony, so the Transformation Sprint designs these layers together to ensure they fit your business and drive the results you need.


We test early and often, iterating as we go until we can prove our the Transformation Sprint solution will work for your challenge. At the end of the Transformation Sprint, we prepare to launch the solution in market.

Understand the challenge

Transformation Prototyping isn't just about designing elegant solutions: it's about designing the right elegant solutions for your business and your customers. We start a Transformation Sprint by understanding your unique goals and agreeing on how we measure success. Then learn everything we can about the context for your challenge and the people who will be using the solution.

Imagine many possible solutions

Transformation Prototyping draws out the collective creativity of any team as we work to imagine future solutions. We'll combine our deep expertise in digital with your team's unparalleled understanding of your business to imagine concepts that were previously unthinkable. Together, we'll harness the power of volume to make sure no transformative idea is left behind.

Focus on the most valuable ideas

With an influx of ideas from our Imagine phase, we will use a scientific framework to determine the most relevant and effective solutions for your business. By examining each concept across a multitude of dimensions – your business goals, organizational structure, user base, competitive landscape, and more – we will form a complete picture of which concepts will create the most impact.

Create prototypes that bring the vision to life

With a clear direction set during Focus, we'll design detailed, testable prototypes that bring our solutions to life across every layer of digital. A Transformation Sprint unites strategy, user experience, design, and technology in harmony, resulting in comprehensive solutions that work in the real-world. We follow lean principles to quickly design, learn, and improve.

Iterate and refine based on what we learn

To ensure we meet the goals we set at the beginning of the Transformation Prototype, we'll continuously test the prototypes we design with real customers and experts in your organization. Based on what we learn, we'll rapidly iterate to turnaround new prototypes and continue testing them until we've proven they'll drive the results you need.

Accelerate the process to launch in market

Transformation Prototyping is about turning ideas into action, so we believe we're successful only when our solutions are launched in market. At the end of the Transformation Sprint, we combine design, technology, and go-to-market strategy to accelerate the path to launch, support development and delivery, and start transforming your business right away.

Actionable Results

At the end of a Transformation Prototype sprint, you'll have a clear vision for the solution to your challenge, a prototype that makes it tangible, and a launch plan to bring it to market. Everything we create during the Transformation Sprint is designed to accelerate your digital transformation by turning strategy and opportunity into actionable design.

Solution prototype

Where to?

You can expect to leave the Transformation Prototype sprint feeling invigorated and prepared to act on a clear vision for the future. With an end goal of launching the solution in market, there are some steps our clients commonly take to get there after Lab.


Share the Transformation Prototype solution throughout your organization to inspire transformation and communicate a vision for the future.

Business Case

Socialize the value and potential impact of the Transformation Prototype solution, gain buy-in from company leadership, and earn investment for long-term development.


Work with our team to launch an agile development process that builds and delivers the Transformation Prototype Solution to a wide market.


In just 6 weeks, we'll design a solution to your challenge, prove it will drive business results, and accelerate its launch in market. Here's one example of how the 6 weeks can go.

Lab engagement timeline