User Experience Labs

Help us understand your business challenges and opportunities, and together we'll ideate, design, and test solutions that will delight your users and drive measurable results. By having a full circle view of your customer experience process, you’ll be better equipped to drive positive change for your business.

Our collaborative process combines your team's business expertise with the Lab team's design and technology proficiency to unlock new opportunities and create a lasting culture of creative, user-driven problem solving.

Every Lab ends with a plan for the next steps to bring our solutions to market.

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Digital Approach

We accelerate micro-transformation for your company's digital products and user experience to solve complex business problems. At the end we provide an interactive prototype, a defined Minimum Viable Product and North Star user experience process, supported by market research, human insights and analytical data.

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To kick off Lab, we’ll learn about your company's priorities, successes, and obstacles. We'll choose our Lab Challenge and define desired results to measure our success.


Together, we'll brainstorm as many solutions as we can for the Lab Challenge. We'll create user journeys and lightweight prototypes to quickly bring our ideas to life.


We'll evaluate the impact of our ideas by testing them with users and researching digital success stories. We'll use what we learn to prioritize the solutions that should work best.


We'll design interactions and prototypes that bring our best solutions to life. We'll prioritize the pillars of Functions Experience, Style and Technology depending on your needs.


As we create, we'll continuously test our solutions with real users to measure their impact. As we learn what works, we'll iterate our designs so we land on the most effective solutions.


We'll finish by building an action plan to bring our Lab solutions into the real world. We'll present this plan, the designs we created and the insights we learned at a final demo to kick off our next steps.


Lab Teams work in Pods: self-governing mini-startups focused 100% on your company's digital transformation.


Works with the team day-to-day to ensure the vision meets business objectives & reflects brand values

Visual Designer

Designs simple, beautiful digital interfaces that people love


(e.g. your team, industry or subject matter experts) Consulted any time specialized input needed

Product Manager

Synthesizes business, design, and technology to deliver a valuable product vision

Technology Specialist

Evaluates and defines technology solutions that support the team’s vision

UX Designer

Designs meaningful user journeys and experiences based on insights gained from customer research


Builds testable prototypes and technology proofs of concept that bring the team’s vision to life


Our approach transforms design and development processes with an atypical accelerated, entrepreneurial design process focused on spreed and imagination.

Traditional Approach

  • Long development cycles
  • Siloed creation
  • Popular opinion
  • Technology-first
  • Waterfall process

Lab Approach

  • Rapid, iterative builds
  • Collaborative ideation
  • Informed creativity
  • User centered design
  • Lean, agile process


We'll end Lab with a defined solution that's ready to move forward toward launch. Lab results are tailored across our four pillars of user design based on your needs and priorities.

Product Vision and Narrative


What are the interactions, features, or attributes that will be most successful?

North Star User Experience


How should the product be designed so it's easy and satisfying to use?

Defined Minimum Viable Product


Which visual style will be the most emotionally engaging for your users?

Foundational Product Build


Which technology solutions will most efficiently empower your product?

Next Steps

Launch a New Lab Challenge

We’ll address another business priority by defining a new Lab Challenge and repeating the process.

Build & Release a Solution

We’ll release a Lab solution in market after building and testing in our Agile Development process.

Define a Digital Strategy

We’ll build on the solutions tested in Lab to define an overarching Digital Strategy addressing the Lab Challenge.