Digital Transformation


We’ve systemized our approach to digital transformation by building a platform to drive & measure digital strategy within enterprises.

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Our platform modules aim to solve the biggest problems enterprises face in propelling digital transformation, and iterating on the key performance indicators that drive your business by means of creating:

  • Continual Assessment

    A consistent, repeatable approach to BENCHMARK their capabilities and measure progress

  • Understand the environment

    A holistic view of their digital ECOSYSTEM to decide where to make investments and where / when to consolidate

  • Organize and Prioritize

    A consolidated, enterprise wide digital ROADMAP across business, marketing, technology, and operations

  • Pulse of Digital

    A repeatable way to put digital TRENDS into context for their industry and business


Measurement of your organization's digital maturity based on best practices, competitive evaluation, and statistical analysis.

Digital Maturity Score

Our comprehensive assessment and scoring of your current digital capabilities, customized to your business.

Company Score

Scoring your business to help identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps to shift enterprises from reactive to transformative strategies.

Industry Score

Compare your organization to your competition and gain an understanding of where you rank in relation to key metrics and best practices.

Recommendation List

We provide short and long term recommendations based on identified gaps and opportunities to help shape your digital roadmap and strategy.

benchmark screen


Models and visualizes your digital transformation strategy to improve overall strategic knowledge, decision making, and execution on key initiatives and investments to measures progress and ROI.

Scenario Modeling

Analyze business impact of changes to scope, time, budget, and resources, and create alignment across multidisciplinary teams to define a clear path to goal achievement.

Strategic Positioning

Gain a better understanding of your market position through our assessment matrix to help make better business decisions.

Capital Allocation and Resource Planning

Acquire an integrated view of the digital, budget and business objectives to ensure better informed investment allocations.

Customizable Reporting

Generate tailored, shareable reports with key stakeholders to ensure transparency, visibility and easily aggregated feedback.

Roadmap screen


Interactive visualization to showcase your entire digital presence across all current touchpoints including web, search, apps, commerce, gaming video, media, networks, and emerging technologies.

Digital Brand Map

Know and understand the totality of your digital presence, reach and relevance across all your digital touchpoints.

Positioning Visualization

Illustratively compare your strengths and weaknesses against your competition industry and sector and gain comprehensive understanding of the gaps and opportunities.

Digital Touchpoints Reach and Utilization

Understand your effectiveness and efficiency surrounding all your digital properties.

Ecosystem screen

Digital Transformation Platform

Our platform aims to solve the biggest problems in measuring and driving digital transformation. It equips businesses and their leaders with the necessary knowledge and insights to drive digital results in an innovative, efficient, and scalable manner.

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