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Digital Playbooks

Data-Driven Digital Strategy Playbooks

Digital Strategy Playbooks help enterprises quickly direct their organization's focus to the areas most critical to driving their digital transformation.


Develop Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Powered by our proprietary data products, our action-oriented approach quickly contextualizes trends, benchmarks digital capabilities, and aligns digital strategy & roadmaps.

Strategy Playbooks Roadmap

Contextualize Trends and Insight

Understand Your Digital Landscape and Consumer Expectations

Through rigorous analysis of trends impacting your industry and customers, our teams contextualize digital trends and identify threats across short and long term horizons.

Trends and Insights analysis


Measure Your Organization Against Digital Best Practices and Competitive Maturity

Using our DIMENSIONS digital classification system, our team scores your digital proficiency and analyzes your performance relative to competitors and digital leaders.

DIMENSIONS charts showing a comparison between company and competitors

Competitive Findings

Learn from Competitors, Leaders, and Disruptors

We provide detailed breakdowns of competitor experiences alongside specific recommendations for using competitive insight to improve your digital offerings.

Image of a comparison driven by DIMENSIONS

Visual Examples

Understand DIMENSIONS Scores with Live Examples

We provide side-by-side visual comparisons of your digital offerings against best-in-class examples to highlight what differentiates the leaders from the pack.

DIMENSIONS visual examples

Gap Analysis

Gain Insight into Performance and Gaps

Our team performs a thorough analysis of your DIMENSIONS score to find areas of weakness within your digital organization and experience.

Product categories built with DIMENSIONS


Identify Opportunities to Meet Your Business Objectives

Detailed gap analysis allows our team to identify the areas of opportunity that will have the greatest impact on your digital strategy.

DIMENSIONS Recommendations

Opportunity Prioritization

Model, Forecast, and Prioritize Opportunities

Develop a custom prioritization framework, map opportunity dependencies, and seamlessly model potential outcomes and impact using SCENARIOS™.

Chart showing a prioritization of tasks in two axis built with DIMENSIONS

Digital Roadmap

Define Your Digital Transformation Path

Our teams will work with you to plan your multi-year digital roadmap that maximizes the potential of existing technology and resources to deliver immediate impact and achieve long-term objectives.

Digital Roadmap screen

Budgeting and Planning

Simplified Budget Planning

As part of the roadmap modeling process, SCENARIOS provides quick access to high level information on business impact as well as budgeting for each initiative, phase, and year.

Budget Planning screen
Prototypes examples

Visual Exploration

Visually Explore a Potential Remedy for a Gap or Opportunity

An optional precursor to a full Innovation Sprint, select opportunities are expeditiously conceptualized and brought to life to visualize future possibilities and support socialization of your vision for digital.