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Getting Certified has Several Benefits & Significant ROI

Attaining your J.D. POWER MOBILE APP CERTIFICATION measures your performance based on Voice of the Customer, justifies mobile investment, influences consumer choice, signifies industry leadership, celebrates team efforts and successes, and gives the opportunity to co-brand award announcements.

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Certification Requires Achieving Two Standards

J.D. Power Voice of the Customer Evaluation

Score in the 80th Percentile of Companies Reviewed

Customers share their insight and opinions on your mobile app to answer if they feel your mobile app is high performing

Centric Digital DIMENSIONS Mobile 250

Score in the 80th Percentile of Adherence to Best Practices

Our DIMENSIONS scan answers whether or not best practices are in place to sustain a high level
of performance


Centric Digital DIMENSIONS powers the Mobile App Expert Evaluation

Centric Digital evaluates the mobile application using 250+ digital best practices most predictive of mobile experience excellence, a subset of its Digital Classification System (DCS), DIMENSIONS.

DIMENSIONS chart showing Mobile score


From Content to Onboarding

Includes Branding Design, Content, Navigation Design, User Interface & Interaction Design, etc.


From Emails to Push Notifications

Includes Opt-In Forms, Notification Messaging, Notification Settings, etc.


From Features to Code

Includes Android, iOS, General Applications, Development, App Store, Features & Experience, User Interface & Visual Design, etc.


From Planning to Product Development

Includes Budgeting & Funding, Channel Management, Planning, Assessment & KPI Tracking, Product Development, Product & Program Management, etc.


From Team Structure to Responsibilities

Includes Digital Organization, General Team Structure, Leadership Governance, Roles & Responsibilities, etc.

Voice of the Customer

Understand What Your Customers are Saying

Measure and report mobile app performance with Voice of the Customer data and best mobile best practices to meet customer expectations.

Identify Gaps

Setup Future Mobile Success

The Mobile App Certification program positions you to identify gaps and opportunities and prioritize initiatives for your mobile roadmap.

Certification Status

Strategic Alignment

Define the Next Step in Your Vision

Validate your Mobile app experience, mobile roadmap, and operations roadmap. Focus budgets and teams to key mobile initiatives.

Leadership and Accolades

Solidify Industry Leadership

J.D. POWER MOBILE APP CERTIFICATION signifies a commitment to your customers and stakes a claim on leadership in mobile.

Applaud Achievements

Recognize Teams and Individuals

Celebrate your company's efforts and people internally and in industry circles.

Brand Association

Showoff Your Mobile App with J.D. Power Co-Branding

Gain external recognition and influence customers by co-branding with J.D. Power on your marketing materials.