Centric Digital

Digital Due Diligence

Measure Digital Opportunity & Capability

Digital best practices are a core driver of business opportunity, competitive & disruptive threats and asset valuation of traditional and digital native companies across industries. What’s needed is a digital-specific perspective & framework to quickly answer key questions.


Enhance Valuation Efforts

Measure stability and scalability, validate and identify growth opportunities, and determine the investment required to capitalize on a potential or recent acquisition.

DIMENSIONS Multiple Compare


Inform Valuation of Holdings

Offer DIMENSIONS Scans and Certifications to potential buyers to increase valuation and highlight digital strengths and opportunities.


Valuate Acquistion Target's Digital Efforts

Use DIMENSIONS as a tool in your assessment of acquisition targets to verify their digital sustainability, scalability, and growth opportunities.


Benchmark Against Best Practices and Competition

Powered by our DIMENSIONS library of digital best practices, we score your company against digital best practices and competition.

DIMENSIONS Scan example

Competitive Comparison

Compare your digital presence to competitors and industry averages

Clearly show where your company stands within its market. Focus in on DIMENSIONS of interest to better understand your strengths and competitive threats.

DIMENSIONS Competitive Comparison

Industry Certifications

Show Off Digital Achievements

Increase valuations and highlight digital value with our Industry Certification programs. Our industry-specific digital certifications ensure companies meet the digital expectations of their customers and development practices.

Historical Tracking

Display Digital Growth Over Time

Demonstrate the impact of your digital investments through tracking DIMENSIONS scores over time. Monitor and show performance in digital at any level to illustrate your digital transformation progress.

Historical Tracking chart

Portfolio Assessment

Use DIMENSIONS to Measure Your Entire Portfolio

Compare different organizations in your portfolio against each other to measure and track performance. Understand and demonstrate correlations between historical and current portfolio company scores and their valuations.

Access and Permissions

Distribute, Control, and Monitor Access

Provide access to DIMENSIONS and SCENARIOS™ to prospective buyers or valuation partners with simple sharing and permissions controls. Grant and revoke access at the group and individual level, or by date. Monitor usage to see who is accessing which information and proactively ask or answer questions.

Digital Roadmaps

Highlight the impact of ongoing initiatives

Map your current initiatives to Major and Minor DIMENSIONS to show further digital development. Demonstrate what your teams are already working on and show how they are addressing gaps.

Digital Roadmaps creation

Measure Stability

Determine Digital Stability with DIMENSIONS

Rapidly understand a target 's digital presence and stability against best practices, competitive threats, customer expectations, and technology standards.

Measure Stability chart

Measure Scalability

Assess the Ability to Scale

Highlight or understand the scalability of a digital business and/or its infrastructure, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth and any correlations between digital initiatives and revenues.


Estimate Timeline and Investment

Plan for Growth

Powered by our Scenarios modeler, we provide the top opportunities for digital investment, order of magnitude estimates of investment, time ranges and top metrics impacted.

Digital Roadmap Estimate