Centric Digital



A strategic planning application for digital transformation that enables gap and opportunity analysis, prioritization and roadmap modeling.

Customizable Prioritization Framework Tools

Prioritize Digital Opportunities

Fully customizable framework tools to prioritize initiatives based upon business value, consumer value, risk, and dependency mapping.

SCENARIOS Opportunities

Custom Value Rubric

Score Opportunities by Your Objectives and Values

Modify our template frameworks, upload or create your own to assess initiatives by your priorities. Connect Digital Value Lever and performance data, or estimates. Use dollar amounts, time, percentages, ROI, multiple choice, custom values or roll up composite scores.

Opportunity Descriptions

Key Information is Always One Click Away

Reduce confusion and create efficiencies in the strategies process with one click access to key opportunity and benchmark information throughout the prioritization process.

Planning and Modeling Tools

Explore Strategic Options for Digital Transformation

Model and view your path forward with strategic roadmapping tools based upon your priorities, dependencies, and value.

Planning transformation graphic

Value Assessment Grid

Identify and Compare the Value of All Your Initiatives

Auto-populated chart view allows you to visually compare opportunities upon any three prioritization categories at once across the X-Axis, Y-Axis, and Size. Toggle titles to focus on individual initiatives.

Chart Customization

Set View to Match Your Needs

Easily switch axes and marker size to compare and assess opportunities against any three framework categories. Focus on specific time ranges, phases, or dependency mappings - while never losing the data.

List Quick-View

Rank and Sort All Opportunities

View the full list of your initiatives and their details ranked by any value category or composite score.

Chart Export

Easily Export Any Chart for Presentations or Sharing

Keep Stakeholders informed throughout your strategic planning in one click. Socialize your prioritization, the value of opportunities, their risks, complexities, and dependencies.

Roadmap Modler

Build Your Strategic Roadmap

Our easy to use roadmapping tools automatically populates based upon your dates, time estimates, and mapped dependencies. This allows you to create, shift and shift your strategic digital roadmap in minutes.

Roadmap Editor

Drop and Drag Roadmap Planning

With a design based on non-linear editing systems, our roadmap timeline allows for easy rearrangement of your initiatives. Dependency-mapped initiatives are automatically moved in conjunction, allowing you to quickly plan different potential plans and see the impact of changes.

Date Range Controls

Organize Your Roadmap and Focus Your Attention

User-friendly controls including drop down menus, date selectors, and timeframe endpoints, let you zoom-in on specific time frames, phases, and workstreams within your roadmap.

Customizable Rows and Groups

Match Your Roadmap to Your Organizational Structure

Group and plan opportunities based upon your strategic goals, experiences, lines of business, teams, or any other way you can imagine.

Budgeting Tools

Digital Transformation Budgeting

Dashboard view of opportunities highlights projected costs by phase and obtain budgets. Project allocated resources and funding for strategic planning.

Digital Transformation Budgeting tool