Centric Digital


Measures Your Company Iq

Provides easy to interpret visualizations of your company digital intelligence score and ability to drill down to capability level.

Measure and track company for categories and subcategories your company was evaluated for overtime and as initiated.

See detailed explanations of factors that contributed to and detracted from your score.

See how scores are correlated to complementary metrics such as NPS, digital performance analytics, digital financials.


Compares Your Company Iq To Competitors, Disruptors & Industry

Ability to add one or multiple competitors and see how they score and compare to you on a company, category and subcategory level.

Ability to add one or multiple disruptive companies to see how you compare to those leading the market.

Ability to see aggregate scores of one or multiple industries to see how you compare.


Prioritizes Recommendations To Raise Your Company Iq

Detailed recommendations on what to improve to improve your companies digital intelligence score.

Robust calculations to value each recommendation and how it would improve score if implemented.

Ability to sort on key impact realized if recommendation implemented.

Proprietary Data

Regularly Captures Thousands Of Proprietary Data Points For Hundreds Of Companies

Captures and analyzes your footprint in core digital channels.

Captures and analyzes features critical to your business and industry.

Captures and analyzes your organizations skills and capabilities based on surveys and 3rd party information.

Captures and analyzes how your digital technologies such as content management, ecommerce and mobile OS compares to industry standards.

Measurement Engine

Algorithmically Computes Millions Of Data Points Every Single Day

Regression models, longitudinal tracking, and sophisticated weighted algorithm.

Our platform mines and colates petabytes of data into easy to comprehensive visualizations so you can draw insights not just information.

Analyzes the content across your digital properties and measures the effectiveness of how you talk about your business vs. competitors and disruptors.

External Integrations

Architected To Integrate External Data To Contextualize Digital Intelligence

Measure customer satisfaction and user sentiment after implementing best in class recommendations.

Measure, analyze, and improve your customer experience across channels with real-time web and mobile performance data.

Understand the effectiveness of your social media and paid media campaigns against business objectives.