When it comes to a positive on-the-go experience when there’s no physical bank in sight, does the JPMorgan Chase Mobile App meet customers banking needs?

When asked about fast-moving developments in fintech and the need to invest in technology, JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon said, “This has been going on my whole life…it’s just a bit faster.” Yet, Chase appears to be keeping up with the quickening pace.

I’ve been a Chase customer for a few years, and have been happy with the experiences the company has to offer. They have great customer support and the online tools and resources are easy-to-use, making it a breeze to manage accounts.

In terms of the mobile app, whether you’re using it for credit cards, business accounts or personal banking needs, the user experience is cohesive and clean. Their attention to detail and focus on putting the customer at the center of the experience shows in their reviews, too. Of the major banks with mobile apps, the Chase app ranks #1 among the review rankings with its competitors.


  • Chase – Apple 4.5, Google 4.5
  • American Express – Apple 4.5, Google 4.3
  • Capital One – Apple 4.5, Google 4.2
  • Bank of America – Apple 3, Google 4.2
  • Citibank – Apple 3, Google 3.9

When going through this app from a UX perspective, there were some designs, features and functionality that stood out to me. A few of the areas within the Chase mobile app that I thought were really well done include:

  • The overall modern feeling to the app, which I enjoy. The visual design is nice, as are the blurred background images of iconic places near your physical location.
  • The login flow requires multi-step verification process, which makes it secure, but not onerous to access.
  • The option to manage my global alerts settings.
  • The interface for viewing transactions and statements is nice and clean.
  • I like that it allows you to access your rewards points and takes you to a rewards manager all from within the app.
  • There are plenty of useful and detailed optional notifications to help guide you through the UX.

And, of course, there were some areas that I felt needed improvement:

  • I felt the splash page is a little spare. I’m only a credit card user, with no bank account info, so it just has my card balance, a “Good morning/afternoon/evening” greeting, and the ability to make payments. The design is very to-the-point, but it feels like there should be more.
  • While the app does offer touch id, you have to go into settings and turn it on—this isn’t prompted as an option in the initial setup.
  • The account balance preview option, which allows you to see balances without logging in, is interesting, but I can’t imagine I would use it.
  • I’d love for the app to have the option to let Chase know that I’m going on vacation and where. One of the worst parts of traveling is contacting the bank, sitting on hold (or waiting on line), and then telling a rep your vacation details.
  • It would be nice if they offered some kind of credit report check, similar to what Capital One offers in their mobile app.

Echoing my sentiments, iPhone user Revivalusa, who gave the app five stars, also suggested:

“The ‘Pay this card’ button should be added to the interface after I opened up the details of the card transactions. Usually I want to take a look at the summary of the monthly statement at this interface before I pay the bill. However, the ‘pay this card’ button is only in the main interface/page. I think it would be more convenient to add this button to the detail page of each card/loan.”

Overall, the app is well deserving of its current Google Play and iTunes ratings. While there are a few areas I would improve, it’s a solid app that is basically a bank in your pocket. This is perfect for on-the-go bankers who are looking for simplicity and ease.