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About Centric Digital

Revolutionizing business models, customer experiences and operations. Helping traditional business grow in the digital age.

We are

The Leading Digital Transformation Partner

With offices in New York City and San Francisco, we are a trusted partner of the world's largest organizations as they seek to redefine and reinvent themselves through digital. We provide products, services and solutions that transform traditional businesses into digital leaders.

Our Mission

Transform traditional enterprises into digital leaders.

Enterprise Impact

Revenue, profitability, valuation

Our Vision

The industry standard for enterprises to drive and measure digital transformation.

Industry Impact

Durable banks, seamless healthcare, efficient retail

Our Purpose

Reimagine the world’s organizations to unlock opportunity and improve people’s lives.

Global Impact

Resilient economies, sustainable environments, better society

Our People

Leads organizations through their digital evolution.

Defines the future of digital thought leadership.

Delivers positive impacts previously unthinkable.

How we work

We are built on a foundation partnership. We deeply believe in the importance of working closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that last. This is because of the way we work.

  • Cloud based apps
  • Agile and open-minded
  • Collaborative technologies
  • User-centered approach

Our Values

Around the world, Centric Digital employees are united by a common culture and purpose. Since our founding, we have guided our actions and business according to a set of core values.


We practice what we preach to our clients. We embed digital best practices in every way we work.


We demonstrate the integrity, judgment, and demeanor that inspires others to want to do their best work here.


Two (plus) minds are better than one so we collaborate early and often. We "put team above me", embrace debate and seek commitment.


We never stop learning and challenge each other to unlock our potential to imagine and do things in better ways, always.


We aim to do more with less by being efficient and taking initiative. We focus our time, money and people on what matters most.


We inspire creativity in any work, be it defining strategies, managing projects or designing digital experiences.


We strive for precision, accuracy and integrity and demonstrate thought leadership. We believe we can always achieve better.


We know that decisiveness and speed matters when growing a business. We value calculated risk-taking over analysis paralysis.


We bring energy, tenacity and enthusiasm to everything we do. We are resilient and empower each other.


We take responsibility. We demonstrate leadership by sharing solutions, not problems. We focus on objectives, not obstacles.

Our Leaders

The leadership team is united by an entrepreneurial spirit, first rate expertise and a shared vision to transform businesses using the power of digital.

Brian Quirk picture

Brian Quirk

Head of Sales & Marketing

Peter Smith picture

Peter Smith

Head of Central

Artin Youssefian picture

Artin Youssefian

Head of West

Lia Horii picture

Lia Horii

Head of People

Eliron Ozarko picture

Eliron Ozarko

Head of Finance

Jim Allen picture

Jim Allen

Head of Resourcing

Megan Galbraith picture

Megan Galbraith

Head of East


We push our teams to create impact we can celebrate. Our efforts have helped our partners win, and built Centric Digital’s reputation as a digital pioneer.

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#1 New York City

#1 New York State

#34 Overall


#402 Overall

2nd Consecutive Year



3rd Consecutive Year

Digital Transformation is what drives us

Let's transform your business.

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