Centric Digital

Our Advantage

Digital is our Business

We focus on filling our client's specific digital needs with optimal experts, representing a diverse range of skills and specialized training. We drive end-to-end delivery across 6 layers of digital: Experience, Channels, Products, Platforms, Processes and People.

Digital DNA

We have the digital and industry experience to help you achieve your business goals, and drive digital transformation.

Best Talent Sources

Focused search strategies, better network, and an extensive, diverse database. We are uniquely positioned to find and source, assess and match the best experts.

Proven Track Record

Fully committed to our client’s success and our past engagements prove it. We ensure 100% compatibility between our experts and our clients.

Globally Scalable

Our scalable service model embeds our know-how in your business to support your digital transformation initiatives.

Methodology Included

Our experts have access to the best in-class frameworks and proprietary platform to accelerate your digital business needs.

Industry Leading Velocity

Take the most direct and efficient path to completion by taking the time to truly understand our client’s enterprise, culture and goals/objectives.

High Retention Rate

Committed to aligning our employee career paths and professional trajectory to the objectives and evolution of our client companies.

Well Rounded

Experienced team comprised of proven professionals with both technical and soft skills that will match the digital environment and organizational culture.


Functional Specialists

Our specialty experts fulfill digital roles for specific areas to meet your business needs:

User Experience Designers

Designs meaningful user experiences to ensure users love the product. Develop overall user experience, interaction design and information architecture for a product or experience.

Visual Designers

Designs elegant visual interfaces to delight and engage users. Responsible for the overall aesthetics, user interfaces, and look/feel.

Product Managers

Brings together strategy, design, and technology to create impactful products and experiences. Oversee, manage, and lead all product aspects from inception to launch.

Program/Project Managers

Oversee and document all aspects of a project. Responsible for planning, scheduling, resourcing, procurement and execution.

Content Strategists

Develop a content strategy, organize content, and optimize solutions based around business objectives.

Data Scientists

Tackle complex business problems through deep data analytics and statistical analysis. Aggregation, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data.

Front End Developers

Responsible for coding/programming, and producing fully functional solutions. Front-end/back-end developers, web/mobile developers.

Full Stack Architects

Define and oversee the overall tech aspects and structure of an integrated system or program.


Ensure the functionality of product or experience is working correctly.

Scrum Masters

Facilitates and manages the agile development team and ensure agile development methodologies are followed and utilized.


Mobile Development

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Hybrid
  • Swift
  • React
  • Firebase

Front-End Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Meteor
  • Vue

Back-End Development

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • .NET
  • Javascript
  • NoSQL databases
  • SQL databases
  • Firebase

Development Operations

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Monitoring

Data Processing

  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Alooma
  • Fivetran
  • Matillion
  • Snaplogic
  • Stitch Data
  • Apache
  • Talend Open Studio
  • Confluent
  • StreamSets
  • Striim

Data Analysis

  • Statistics / Regressions
  • Predictive Modelling
  • RapidMiner
  • Pentaho
  • Talend
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Python
  • R Studio / R
  • Oracle

Bi / Data Visualization

  • Google Analytics
  • Heap
  • Mixpanel
  • Mode
  • Looker
  • Tableau
  • Qlikview
  • Highcharts

Ecommerce & Cms

  • Wordpress
  • Sitecore
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Webflow
  • Squarespace

Case Studies

Victoria’s Secret: Mobile app redesign featuring personalization

Victoria’s Secret asked Centric Digital to redesign it’s Mobile app and build a best-in-category fit guide to compete with emergent intimates brands. Using DIMENSIONS™ , Centric Digital was able to rapidly identify the features, frameworks and capabilities of leading apparel & footwear brands. This insight was rapidly distilled into a prototype and in-market application.

Case Studies

HUMANA: Pharmacy ecommerce mobile app and provider finder tablet app

Recognizing the disruptive forces emerging in the healthcare space, Humana asked Centric Digital to leverage its DIMENSIONS™ platform to identify the best features and capabilities from the healthcare, insurance, clinical, ecommerce and retail domains to design and build their next generation pharmacy mobile app and provider finder web app. This design was recognized by several industry awards organizations and won the Platinum Award presented by eHealthcare Leadership.

Case Studies

DUMMIES.COM: Leading education and learning destination tailored towards mobile users

Wiley empowers researchers, learners, universities, and corporations to achieve their goals in an ever-changing world. We develop digital education, learning, assessment, and certification solutions to help universities, businesses, and individuals move between education and employment and achieve their ambitions. Centric Digital designed and development of a responsive website and content management system (“CMS”) platform implementation for Wiley’s Dummies.com website.

Case Studies

AIG: Early Warning System Tablet App for Japan Business Unit

Centric Digital designed, built, and launched a web platform for the Japanese market that helps customers take preventive actions based on weather data. The platform allowed agents to deliver preventative content to customers in at-risk areas during potentially catastrophic weather or seasonal events. The platform also leveraged internal and external data to provide agents with an unparalleled view of their customers and corresponding risks.

Case Studies

AIG: Executive Team Business Intelligence Tablet App

Centric Digital was retained to design and develop an omnichannel application as an executive dashboard. The dashboard would allow the CEO and his direct reports to leverage the internal data gathered at AIG to understand it and make key business decisions.

Case Studies

PREMO SOCIAL: Platform to automate subscriptions for social media content

Centric Digital designed and developed this product end to end using its lead product development approach. This includes integration with APIs of social media networks (e.g. Twitter, Instagram) and payment processors (e.g. Stripe, PayPal); automation of registration, account management, customer support features; content subscription and content creator marketing.


Lean Product Development Process

As you’ll see below, we take an integrated approach to developing digital assets - leveraging insights from millions of data points to create a data driven design and student experience. Focus on MVP, Iteration & Getting to Market.


Discover The Challenge

Lean product development starts with understanding what your customers want first and building towards that. What questions do you want to answer? What stories do you want to tell? How are Features capturing the right data to make that possible? How will we measure success? What engagement metrics should you be expecting? We start a sprint by understanding a customers unique goals and how we measure success - leveraging DIMENSIONS™.


Define Many Possible Solutions

Lead product development draws out the collective creativity of any team as we work to imagine future solutions. What features do students crave? What features do they need for a safe, engaging and educational experience? We'll combine our deep expertise in digital with your team's unparalleled understanding of your business to imagine concepts that were previously unthinkable.


Design On The Most Valuable Ideas

With an influx of ideas, we will use a scientific framework and human-centered design creative process to determine the most relevant and effective solutions for your solution. DIMENSIONS digital CX benchmark informs on competition, adjacent players, best-in-class. By examining each concept across a multitude of dimensions – your business goals, organizational structure, user base, competitive landscape, and more – we will form a complete picture of which concepts will create the most impact.


Develop Bring The Vision To Life

With a clear direction set during Focus, we'll design detailed, testable prototypes that bring our solutions to life. Lead product development unites strategy, user experience, design, and technology in harmony, resulting in comprehensive solutions that work in the real-world. We follow lean principles to quickly design, learn, and improve.


Iterate Refine

To ensure we meet the goals we set at the beginning of the sprint, we'll continuously test the prototypes we design with real customers and experts in your organization. Based on what we learn, we'll rapidly iterate to turnaround new prototypes and continue testing them until we've proven they'll drive the results you need.


Launch Launch In Market

At the end of the sprint, we combine design, technology, and go-to-market strategy to accelerate the path to launch, support development and delivery, and maintain the assets. We also continually evaluate App store feedback for improvement opportunities and track competitive capabilities using our DIMENSIONS™ platform.