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How to Transform Traditional Businesses Into Digital Leaders

By Jason Albanese and Brian Manning Founders of Centric Digital

It’s no longer enough to buy software, or even cloud services. To fully leverage the benefits of digital, you must transform your teams, processes, and how you think about your business. Jason Albanese and Brian Manning have helped dozens of top enterprises do all this. Revive shares the lessons they’ve learned, and gives you a complete, end-to-end methodology that works.

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Revive’s multiple case studies show exactly how executives are applying these ideas to go far beyond incremental improvements, and change the game.

If that’s what you want, Revive is your roadmap. In this book, you'll learn:

  • Why traditional companies are failing at digital and how they can succeed.
  • How to overcome strategic, operational, technical, and market-related causes of failure.
  • How to benchmark, envision, roadmap, and build a successful digital strategy.
  • Why preparing for the future, near and far ensures your readiness for the next decade's technology revolutions.

"This book will finally place digital at the center of strategy"

- Russ Artzt, Co-founder of Computer Associates

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Price: $49.99

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Pearson FT Press; 1 edition (November 30, 2015)

ISBN-10: 0134306430

ISBN-13: 978-0134306438

Language: English

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About the authors

Jason Albanese


JASON ALBANESE is CEO & Co-Founder of Centric Digital, a leading digital transformation solutions company. His vision and entrepreneurial skills accumulated during a successful career building innovative B2B digital companies has allowed him to turn Centric Digital into one of the fastest growing companies in America. Previously, he co-founded and served as CEO of SageSecure LLC, a digital asset management and risk company that also succeeded in delivering strategic growth to the Fortune® 1000 through digital products and services. Albanese writes a weekly business strategy column for, is author of Network Security Illustrated, has been published in The Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (JRPIT), and holds a patent on an Internet-based distance learning system he co-designed. He serves as the Chair of the Governance Committee on the board of Partnership with Children, a non-profit focused on outreach to New York City public school students at risk of academic failure; and is an active member of Young Presidents Organization, serving on the board of YPO Manhattan in the role of Member Integration Committee chair.

Brian Manning


BRIAN MANNING is President, Chief Digital Officer & Co-Founder of Centric Digital. He has leveraged his deep digital expertise and creativity to shape Centric Digital’s brand and market position into the strategic partner of choice for the world’s largest enterprises. Manning started his career at Accenture and since went on to lead digital businesses within global enterprises such as Citigroup and spinoffs such as Barnes & He has managed $500+MM ecommerce businesses, defined multi-billion dollar consumer digital bank strategies, and launched dozens of digital products. Manning’s passion for all things digital sets a high bar for Centric Digital’s clients, partners and employees. Chief Digital Officers consistently seek his advice and he has helped shape the digital organizations and strategies of several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to driving thought leadership for Centric Digital he is a frequent guest writer drawing the connection between the latest trends that traditional enterprises can leverage. His quest for doing everything digitally has defined Centric Digital’s operations and fully removed the use of paper from his work or personal life.