Centric Digital

Omnichannel Benchmark

Leverage Omnichannel to Your Advantage

Powered by DIMENSIONS™ our assessment is the starting point to defining and delivering customer experiences that drive engagement and sales results across channels.


Begin To Define And Deliver Omnichannel Experiences And Revenue

Measure and take advantage of one of the best assets many retailers have to co-exist alongside digital natives - leveraging their physical presence in their digital strategy. Based upon a subset of the operational best practices of our DIMENSIONS Library, our assessment identifies gaps and opportunities for retailers to deliver omnichannel experiences that directly impact the bottom line. The Omnichannel Benchmark shows retailers the path to increasing sales, store efficiency, and their ability to meet customer expectations.



Determine your maturity in omnichannel through a subset of our DIMENSIONS

Centric Digital evaluates your physical and digital presences across 250+ best practices specifically within omnichannel experiences.

DIMENSIONS Omnichannel Maturity


From Personalization to Loyalty Programs

Includes Content, Branding Design, Navigation, Interaction Design, Website Usability, Loyalty Programs, Personalization, etc.


From Email to Voice Assistants

Includes Social Media, Email, Customer Service, Voice Assistants, SMS & Push Notifications, Search, Live Chat & Chatbots, etc.


From Point of Sale to Fulfillment

Includes eCommerce Features, Mobile App (Android, iOS, etc.), Endless Aisle, Fulfillment & Shipping, In-Store Kiosks & Displays, etc.


From Product Inventory to Analytics

Includes eCommerce Platform, Beacons, Data Analytics, Product Inventory Management. Personalization Engine, etc.


From Sales to Channel Management

Includes Training, Store Review, Sales, Channel Management, Social Media Management, Data-Driven Culture, Agile Development, etc.


From CDO to In-Store Staff

Includes Chief Digital Officer, Digital Skills, Omnichannel Acceleration Team, Store Staff, Organizational Structure, etc.

Gap Analysis

Diagnose Actionable Initiatives to Meet Customer Expectations and Business Goals

Discover opportunities to meet omnichannel best practices to grow market share, satisfy customers, and ensure a cohesive experience.

GAP analysis chart

Trend Contextualization

Align to Customer Expectations

Identify capabilities customers look for in modern retailers.

Gap Analysis

Mitigate Amazon Threat

Identify ways to differentiate in a way Amazon can’t replicate now.

Opportunity Identification

Drive Traffic to Stores

Determine what digital and mobile capabilities drive more traffic to your stores.

Opportunity Prioritization

Drive Traffic to Digital Channels

Determine what to do in store to continue engagement digitally.

Scenario Modeling

Increase In-Store Sales

Determine what digital in-store and mobile capabilities increase in-store sales.

Process Optimization

Increase Store Efficiency

Determine what digital capabilities could increase utilization of physical presences.