Centric Digital


Run your digital transformation through COMPASS

COMPASS is an end-to-end cloud app solution to address the key challenges of managing a digital roadmap for enterprise executives to measure, manage and socialize digital transformation progress.

High-Level Grid View

Create custom views of your projects and features

COMPASS enables you to customize the categories and filters to fit your enterprise’s unique digital roadmap. Quickly sort key information from all of your initiatives, products, and features for every member of your team. The grid view allows you to dive into the weeds of each feature, project, release - the granular details of your digital transformation.

COMPASS tool grid view

Visual Timeline

Track Progress through a Timeline View

A customizable kanban view simplifies release management, with executive views that show what is coming next and what has already been delivered. Easily visualize the enterprise digital transformation roadmap and track key products and releases. Organize and change views to fit your organizational needs, from outcome-driven visionary approaches to SCRUM-based delivery.

COMPASS Visual timeline