User Experience

April 27, 2017

10 Tips on Improving User Experience

By Yousef Khan

On User Experience

One key to getting out in front of your competition is implementing an effective user experience strategy built on a clear structure of goals, vision, strategy and tactics aligned with...

March 28, 2017

How to Understand and Measure User Experience

By Jared Stevenson

On User Experience

User experience is the foundation on which customer journeys are built and, fundamentally, a huge factor in how customers perceive, understand and trust your company. Endless (electronic) ink has been...

February 01, 2017

Top User Experience Trends Expected in 2017

By Yousef Khan

On User Experience

As the internet continues its migration to handheld devices, user experience will increasingly play a central role in enterprise strategy. As we look at digital trends in the year ahead,...

June 21, 2016

The UX Design Principles That Drive an Engaging Mobile Application

By Centric Digital

On Digital Strategy

Is the UX design of your mobile apps driving engagement or driving users away? Many companies offer mobile applications for their smartphone-using audiences, but how many of them put out...

May 23, 2016

Understanding the differences between customer experience and user experience

By Centric Digital

On Customer Experience

Do you know the differences between CX and UX? If not, it could be damaging the way you do business. There’s a lot of confusion when people and companies talk...

May 04, 2016

Top Trending Digital Strategy Tactics Every Company Must Know

By Centric Digital

On Big Data Visualization

Here are some of the key digital strategy tactics being employed for your company to consider through 2016. With digital marketing services slated to account for nearly 75 percent of...