Professional Services

June 30, 2017

What is Technology Consulting’s Ultimate Role in Bringing Innovation to Clients?

By Jason Albanese

On Digital Strategy

Like individual people, businesses may have an idea of their own current status, their skills and vulnerabilities, but by definition they aren’t able to see themselves as others see them....

July 27, 2016

Team as a Service (TAAS) is the new HR Model for Tech

By Centric Digital

On Digital Trends

Instead of forcing your enterprise to bear the burden of selecting and purchasing new software solutions and then attempting to win over and train your HR staff, TAAS takes that...

February 08, 2016

Creating a Digital Center of Excellence within Your Organization

By Brian Manning

On Digital Strategy

Even if you’re ready to accelerate with digital transformation initiatives, your company structure may not be set up for success—here’s how a digital center of excellence can help. Since business...

October 15, 2015

What Other Companies Can Learn From Dun & Bradstreet’s Digital Transformation

By Centric Digital

On Digital Transformation

Real digital transformation is not a terminable program or finite project, it’s an ongoing process of reinvention that companies must commit to for many years. Dun & Bradstreet, the 175-year...

September 25, 2015

It’s Time for Big Data in Human Resources

By Carlos Mendoza

On Big Data Visualization

Big Data is penetrating every aspect of business. However, Human Resources departments may be resistant to surrendering their hunches for hard data. The argument for Big Data in HR, though,...

August 06, 2015

Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile Responsive Website

By Brian Manning

On Digital Strategy

Users are increasingly engaging with websites via mobile channels. That means law firms must adopt responsive website designs to accommodate searches from any device. In many ways, lawyers are servants...