February 09, 2017

How Governance and Fintech Regulation Influence the Finance Sector

By Thomas Preston

On Digital Transformation

As the cost of compliance continues to rise, financial institutions are coming under increasing pressure to find technological solutions and develop a winning digital strategy that must maintain agile awareness...

January 19, 2017

Fintech Industry Trends 2017

By Nicholas Creegan

On Digital Transformation

Despite a tough year for many FinTech startups and large industry players, the coming year promises many potential advances in the financial industry with the assistance of financial technology. FinTech...

December 15, 2016

Digital Transformation in Banking

By Stephen Sullivan

On Digital Transformation

Digital banking is more popular among millennials than among older population sectors. As a result, third-party financial technology (fintech) firms are proliferating to meet the consumer demand for responsive mobile...

December 01, 2016

Surviving Fintech for Traditional Wealth Management

By Jason Curry

On Digital Strategy

The growth in fintech is reshaping what the financial sector means to so many people. In all facets of the world’s financial future, traditional banking stalwarts should focus on keeping...

October 06, 2016

American Express needs to Exploit its Digital Advantage over Visa & Mastercard

By Centric Digital

On Digital Transformation

The challenge for AmEx is to avoid using its data advantage solely to drive traditional marketing, and to aim for more than an increase in consumer spending. Have you been...

October 04, 2016

How Traditional Banks Should Invest in and Benefit from Fintech Startups

By Catalina Pacifico

On Digital Transformation

To remain competitive in this new landscape, financial institutions are investing in emerging fintech companies through a range of approaches. These include setting up in-house venture capital funds, as well as sponsoring innovation labs and incubator programs.