We are firm believers that wearable tech is the wave of the future. However, more and more we see the strategy of wearable tech migrating away from the form factor of clunky devices and instead becoming embedded in our daily routine . . . almost invisible.

The new players are Incognito Wearables with comfortable, smart sensing stickers or measurement patches instead of wrist watches. While Google Glass and Nike Fuelband certainly have their drawbacks, they have paved the way to body–integrated computing.

Soon there will not be tech to “put on.” The boundaries are dissolving between technology and people — those 007 spy tools have been brought to life. A discreet, postage–sized stamp could be applied to the chest to measure heart rate or have GPS tracking, giving care providers essential information. The possibilities are endless, and it is safe to say that the best measurement does not always happen on the wrist.

Incognito Wearables Will Impact All Verticals

Innovation will point to new opportunities. Businesses outside of retail could use the wearable trend evolution as a framework to become more digital and customer centric. The ease of use and appeal of Incognito Wearables will provide businesses with all sorts of data that they can use to improve their products and customer experience.

And, like other technologies, we anticipate design will integrate seamlessly into our daily routine . . . hopefully making lives better.