The customer service experience can be the definitive point of customer loyalty and retention. While good customer service is expected, bad customer service can drive your customers straight into the arms of the competition. And yet, Forrester found that 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to systems, interfaces and navigating multiple applications. Needless to say, this inefficient touchpoint is ready for digital disruption.

Another example of its recent digital disruption of traditional industries, Amazon first launched its “Mayday” functionality with the release of the Kindle Fire HDX tablet. A 24/7 customer service button within the Fire that connects to a tech advisor who can access the customer’s screen remotely and efficiently discover and fix the user’s problem. It works so well that the wait time for support on Christmas Day was 9 seconds, well below the 15 second target.

ShowKit Expands the Digital Disruption Amazon Started

The startup ShowKit has successfully expanded upon this technology and has developed a toolset to integrate Mayday style functionality into any app for a seamless user experience. This cuts down on customer wait times and problem resolution times, reducing costs and improving customer experience, all without leaving your main app.

Fresh out of beta testing, ShowKit is gaining momentum with over 1,200 clients — HP, Cisco, ZenDesk and many others have used this tech to integrate a customer service button into their apps and CRMs.

While we love a good app, the real innovation lies in the digital disruption of a historically manual human interaction and infusing digital technology to improve customer service.