The New York Times is at a breaking point.

With the recent ouster of Executive Editor Jill Abramson, the company’s internal schisms regarding transition to digital have become public knowledge. An internal memo distributed by the publisher’s son, A.G. Solzberger, detailed this exact problem: an efficient transition to digital has become a necessity.

Optimize Digital Strategy

As The Times’ annual report for 2013 stated, “The digital advertising marketplace [will continue to]…play a more significant role.” This coincides with the release of “The NYT Now App,” that features a live feed of stories including original and outside-sourced content.

The goal, apparently, is to streamline distribution. The Times is widely respected, and as such has a uniquely high market demand for its content. In order to compete with start-up news sources (that oftentimes link to NYT articles), live feeds and up-to-date news releases will need to be made available to current subscribers and potential readers.

In the past, different departments within the company have been responsible for maintaining newsprint, Facebook and the multitude of apps. In the new marketplace, news editors will now be responsible for maintaining and distributing real-time digital-based content.