Images of the longtime rumored Amazon phone have been leaked today. And with an estimated six cameras built into the phone, buzz is loud around the rumored 3D features and what this could mean for Amazon becoming fully integrated into the mobile device business. With a new phone and a new Amazon app store, consumers and producers are now forced to adhere to yet another app version. The further segmentation of different app stores and what impact this has on the mobile strategies of traditional companies has us thinking about mobile strategy and evolution. We are currently helping multiple clients determine their mobile app strategy who are faced with the recurring questions of how many apps should one have? What mobile app stores should one build apps for? And lastly, how to divide features up among apps?

We can’t help but see that this move also reinforces one of our core principles; every website should be built mobile centric (mobile first would lead to the misnomer that mobile is separate from web) and fully responsive to all screen sizes.  While there is still a time and a place for what features make good apps, the central themes of every digital strategy need to revolve around a mobile centric build and a responsively designed website, both of which will hopefully adapt to the various app store wrappers seamlessly. It is clear that the app store trend is not leaving us anytime soon.