It’s a new month and with that comes a new NY Tech Meetup– the largest Meetup group in the world and is best known as an open forum for emerging companies to demo new ideas. Nearly always sold out, the monthly event has become integral to New York’s booming technology sector and boasts a roster of impressive past companies like Foursquare and Tumblr.

Nine startups demonstrated their product but only a few caught our eye. Here are our top picks:

Hands down the crowd favorite, Fly Labs has built a beautiful, well designed app to edit videos simply. Using intuitive iOS swipe commands, Fly is a digital experience with a mobile-first strategy and an easy-to-use interface. Users can arrange multiple clips, tap to slice clips and use split-screen functionality for clip comparison and selection. Filming with friends or colleagues? Sync up to 4 cameras for the ultimate multi-angle video. 

Transforming the functionality of Instagram, this dating site works to capture your digital lens and use an individuals “instagram perspective” to connect with like minded people. Locally and globally, the app will hunt for intersections in your photo history (e.g. the coffee shop you frequent) and connect you to people who share similar experiences, making it easier to strike up a conversation with a potential mate.


Google, Facebook and Apple made headlines this past summer by acknowledging the gender equality gap in the tech space, but a new startup is actually bridging the gap. Founded by two seasoned women in the NY startup world, PowerToFly is a social platform that connects women in tech to great jobs at high-growth companies. With an emphasis on working remotely, PowertoFly vets candidates around the world and matches them with reputable companies. It serves as more than a CV, but a profile that tells the story and personality of the women.