Almost a year after being named the fastest-growing company in New York City by Inc. Magazine, Centric Digital is continuing to build its reputation as an agile innovator in the tech space and beyond. Now, our company has again been sought out for thought leadership.

The influential research company, Forrester Research, provides executives with facts and figures that help drive their most important decisions, and these days, more and more of those decisions have to do with the digital transformation of their business.

In a recent report, Forrester tackles the hiring and retaining of top digital talent — a task that’s grown increasingly problematic for larger companies in sectors that aren’t essentially based in tech, and one that Centric Digital is uniquely equipped to tackle.

The report, titled “Recruit and Retain Top Digital Talent,” discusses the tendency of startups in digital hubs like San Francisco and New York to siphon away the most talented individuals from the tech pool.

Well-established businesses in industries like retail and banking are working hard to provide customers with seamless digital experiences, but achieving that can become almost impossible without a crack team of tech workers.

As job portals like LinkedIn and GlassDoor change the world of recruitment, businesses hoping to stay afloat in the digital age need to change with it.

That power to transform from traditional enterprise to digital leader is exactly what Centric Digital offers its clients, so it’s no surprise that Forrester would reach out to our co-founder and Chief Digital Officer Brian Manning for a comment on a report like this one.

To be really successful in the digital era, a company must combine the scale of an enterprise business with the savvy agility of a startup, and that’s exactly what Centric Digital aims for.