Video communication is a trend that has been rapidly growing for years, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

There are countless statistics out there detailing how video is changing consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. Most successful digital strategies emphasize capitalizing on video for consumers — but, it’s often overlooked as a valuable tool in the CDO’s arsenal.

Video, if done properly, can secure funding, communicate digital strategy and digital vision en masse, and turn even the staunchest old schooler into a digital advocate.

The key to successfully using video within your organization is to understand why you’re using it to begin with. It sounds simple enough, but without a specific objective behind each video or series, you can find yourself burning time and cash on a glorified soundtrack with pretty pictures.

At Centric Digital, we create strategically important videos for our clients, but we don’t make videos for the sake of making videos. Every one we create is designed to push the strategy forward and showcase what the company is producing. It’s about breaking the strategy down into digestible, shareable nuggets — an expansion of the old writer’s adage, “Show, don’t tell.”

The Trend of Trend Videos

Video is not only a rising trend, but is an excellent way to highlight other digital trends. Its very nature is highly engaging, and through good storytelling, it can transform statistics into a clear, instantly understandable display of who your customers are, where they’re headed, and where you need to adapt to keep up with them.

Using Video to Demonstrate the Future

Video can be paired alongside rapid prototypes with exceptional results. Creating prototypes is a fantastic way to gain support and provide direction, but there are inherent difficulties in distributing prototypes en masse: browser and device compatibility, logins, providing walkthroughs, etc. But video solves for each of these pain points.

Calling out key features and demonstrating the functionality of the prototype in a short video allows key stakeholders to quickly experience your digital transformation firsthand, regardless of whether or not they can access your prototype.

Video also provides the flexibility to show what’s beyond the prototype. You may have prototyped the killer mobile app for your consumers to have an omnichannel experience. But what happens when the user taps that button at your store? Or when they check in at your hospital? How does your on-the-ground sales force interact with consumers who use the app? Video gives you the freedom to quickly illustrate all sides of the user experience and show what would actually happen in a real-life situation.

It also doesn’t hurt that significant cost savings and efficiencies arise out of running the projects together.

And while these are just some of our favorites, there are plenty of other ways to use video to communicate your strategy and impart the necessary information to succeed in your digital transformation. But long gone are the days of video existing as a solely consumer-facing entity.