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July 19, 2017

How Financial Services Can Better Utilize Digital Channels for More Effective Cross-Sell Opportunities

By Jared Stevenson

On Digital Strategy

Developing relationships with banking customers is increasingly more important for financial institutions as a correctly-handled cross-channel approach will naturally result in increased customer loyalty, and the use of more products and services from the brand that they feel identified with.

July 13, 2017

YoY Retail Ecommerce Metrics Grew Like Wild Fire in Q1 2017 – Here’s Why

By Artin Youssefian

On Digital Strategy

Retailers need to understand the most effective ways in which to reach their demographic through mobile and have an innovation-centric mindset.

June 30, 2017

What is Technology Consulting’s Ultimate Role in Bringing Innovation to Clients?

By Jason Albanese

On Digital Strategy

Like individual people, businesses may have an idea of their own current status, their skills and vulnerabilities, but by definition they aren’t able to see themselves as others see them....

June 13, 2017

How NLP Systems Help Marketers

By Asher Feldman

On Digital Strategy

Personalization, dominant in 2017, is focused on creating an experience that simultaneously feels familiar and new. Finding the right balance of utilizing data effectively and in a way that seems...

June 02, 2017

A 101 on Natural Language Processing in Business

By Tom Sunshine

On Digital Strategy

Benchmarked by industry forerunners and expanding explosively by its own methodology, the best customer experiences in natural language processing (NLP) are found through continued and correct application: a surprisingly difficult...

March 22, 2017

4 Digital Strategy Focus Points for the Automotive Industry

By Jared Stevenson

On Digital Strategy


The automotive industry will never be able to predict all disruption or disintermediation. To handle this, auto manufacturers must have a robust digital strategy in place in order to move...