Centric Digital Trends

Digital Trends Monitor Contextualizing the Digital Future

Consumer Active Participants

Highlights consumer relevance and expectations of trends

Our detailed analysis of trends provides you with actionable, data-driven insights on the lifecycle of digital trends; a foundation to developing your digital strategies.

  • Captures relevance and gauges impact to business
  • Tracks the changing maturity of digital trends
  • Provides insights into changing consumer behaviors and expectations
Wearables Buzz

Consumer Sentiment

Understand changing opinions around trends

We break through the clutter to create building blocks of insights to inform your digital strategies.

  • Understand consumer opinions relative to your industry
  • Integrate real-time insights into your planning
  • Respond rapidly to changes in consumer opinions

Product Performance

Pinpoint top priorities and focus for your industry

We help you make informed business decisions by demystifying digital trends, providing visual examples and supporting data to see how consumer behaviors impact trends.

  • Visualizes how consumer behaviors impact trends
  • Understand how and where the trend is changing the marketplace
  • Understand Industry relevance & how it applies to your business

Trend Investment Summary

Track a trend’s health

We quantify a trend’s strengths and weaknesses so you can react quickly.

  • Track the investment impact of trend within your industry
  • Monitors where investments are happening
  • Understand priorities within your industry

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